5 Ways to Improve Work Performance

It’s time to restrategise and we are super excited. 

This year kicked off for us at AML on a high note with a strategy meeting on plans, preparations and ideas to help stay on top of our game for the new year, also, wrapping up ongoing projects. We discussed on how to better work as a team in achieving the goals of the company for 2019.

Here are few points from our discussion that will help your work practice if implemented this year:

  • Be professional: Arrive on time and dress appropriately. Also be deliberate about how you act, what you say and actions you take.
  • Take a Note: A written plan is always better than a verbal or mind based plan no matter how. This is major
  • Work smart: Have a to-do list with your priorities well defined. That way you do not get to spend too much time working on activities that are not so urgent
  • Say No: If people keep asking you for favors that do not in anyway help your own to-do list but ends up causing a distraction, please say no! It helps you be more organized while managing your time properly. You cannot please everyone, you are not jollof.
  • Be Polite and Friendly: When everyone is happy, It makes the work environment better and a rise in idea flow for all.

Did we miss out anything? Tell us in the comments section.


We described it as a perception of your company on a personal level, your identity that enables you to tell a story that your clients can emotionally connect to. Branding is an area of marketing that deals with the visual elements of a business, which is very important in developing a company. It is more than just the logo; it cuts across other marketing materials, which can be used to align with the business such as letterheads, business cards, websites and more.

However, branding is not enough to create this engaging bond with your company. There are other supplements one should consider in achieving this and hence, making the dough is akin to adding hot sauce to your orange juice to give you the ability to fly.